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ERI Financial Services specializes in various types of
loans, from consumer and commercial, and real-estate
collections. Our duties are to be committed to promptly
and vigorously recovering your funds using our extensive
knowledge of debt collection laws, proven debt-recovery
techniques, and utilization of highly sophisticated
computer systems. We are backed by years of experience
in consumer and commercial debt collection.

As a Collection Agency, we will aggressively pursue your accounts, to the extent permitted by applicable law, by way of skip tracing, collection letters, personal
contact by phone or face-to-face, or in an advisory capacity while respecting your valuable customer relationships. Our service and personalized attention will ensure quick remittance and we'll provide your collection management staff with prompt feedback
on the status of the accounts placed.

First Party - Early Stage Collections
ERI Financial Services provides customized early stage outsourcing services that operate as an extension of your organization, with an emphasis on maintaining customer loyalty and goodwill. Our services are designed to boost client profitability through strategic management of receivables, with highly effective people and business practices and deep industry-specific knowledge.

Lower cost
ERI Financial Services establishes operations in favorable economic environments where we train and motivate the best people to deliver greater value at lower cost. We offer a great solution that is an extension of your organization.

There has been a growing demand for early stage collections, due to the current economic crisis that we are facing today. As your outsourcing collection agency, we are well versed on your intention to continue providing quality service to your customers. We also understand that your financial institutions provides customer service to your customers, while educating them on their account status and getting them to resolve their collection issues they may have at that time. We want them to understand that you do value them as a customer and that the service team (ERI) is there to assist them in making sure their customer's accounts remain in good standing.

ERI is your full service Debt Recovery Agency, and we have No upfront fees or sign up charges for our services, we only receive a fee if we collect money for you. If we do not collect your accounts, No fee will be charged.

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